Some of you are probably wondering, "Where did NYCOLLECTIVE go? Didn't they promise oh-so-much-fun for the rest of time?" Well, yes, we did. But a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. In tandem with the success of NYCOLLECTIVE, all of our professional lives exploded and with that came new responsibilities, new goals, and new zip codes. So sadly, it is time to bid farewell to this amazing project.

And so we leave you, our faithful supporters, to the wonders of the world as we lay NYCA to rest with perhaps the wisest of all of Shakespeare's quotes. Like Prospero and the island he created in "The Tempest," we can't help but feel this whole ride has been a dream. It was an incredible run for us, and much of that can be attributed to your support. Thank you for your applause, your spirit, and your enthusiasm. We love you for it. If you're feeling nostalgic, you can re-visit some of our past projects on this site and reminisce about the great times that went down.

Who knows, maybe we'll come back for a revival and take the art world by storm again . . .

Welcome to the NYCOLLECTIVE - where the arts collide. We at the NYCOLLECTIVE are dedicated to catapulting artists into the next phases of their careers, all the while making sure we have fun doing it. We don't claim that we're the best or even the coolest, but what we will say is that with a lot of hard work, passion, and vision the impossible becomes possible and the mundane can become great. We're not trying to re-invent the wheel, just trying to make it better and we're doing this by reshaping how the arts are presented and digested in America today. We are incredibly excited about what we're doing and encourage you to join us in supporting the artists that we strongly believe can and will have an impact on our community.

         â€”NYCOLLECTIVE CREW [JAN 2008]